About us

Hey there!

So, we've got this amazing story to share with you about how our fab hair dye came to be. It all started with a teenage girl named Paige who really wanted her hair to be a super cool, eye-catching pink. Her dad, my business partner, was like, "Should I let her?" And I was like, "Why not? Everyone's doing it." But when we looked at the hair dyes out there, we found a bunch of scary chemicals and synthetic stuff. That's when we knew we had to make our own.

Thanks to our girl Paige, we're now the proud creators of Iroiro, an amazing semi-permanent hair dye that's a cut above the rest. We whip up our own hair dyes in small batches, right here in our own space. Our formula is totally unique and free of any shortcuts. Iroiro is all about natural ingredients, like pure coconut oil for extra conditioning, and a natural yummy Yuzu-cranberry fragrance that you'll love.

We're also super eco-conscious, so instead of using regular plastic bottles or jars, we've cut our carbon footprint with our eco-pouches. They're perfect for squeezing out every last drop of that gorgeous color.

And don't worry – we've never tested on animals, only on our friends and fam! Paige was our inspiration, and we'll keep creating fab new products for you all to enjoy. Have a blast with Iroiro semi-permanent hair dye, just like our girl Paige does! 💖