What are salon professionals and customers saying about iroiro Premium Hair Colors?

We love to hear from you! Please keep them coming. Here are just some of actual testimonials from our awesome customers and salon professionals.

@vomitqueen_scumie - Finally retouched my hair. 💇👑💄💋 Only this time I used a completely different product. A #Vegan #CrueltyFree #AllNatural #PlantBased hair dye called @iroirocolors !! Not only is it infuzed with Yuzu-cranberry, but it contains #CoconutOil as well. @iroirocolors really brightend and defined my already existing blue and made is so soft, silky and left it smelling AMAZING. @iroirocolors also uses eco-pouches instead of plastic bottles or jars. That's a plus! It's super hard to find a hair dye that's true to its word and has no dangerous chemicals or synthetic ingredients. It's nice to finally find an amazing product. I suggest all you hair dye lovers give it a try! 💜💜💜

@elevatedfibers - Pictures do the richness of this color justice- My hair was and is super damaged from the past year or 2 or adventures with it..... this DYE made my hair feel Ah-may-ZING! There's no denying what coconut oil does for repair, but the conditioning of this brand- @iroirocolors - is phenomenal. I've tried pretty much every semi permanent and I've never had this even, full coverage, with just 2oz of product, if not less. I wish it was easier to pick up the gorgeous purple it shows in person, BUT my hair even had a tongue of turquoise left and gave me this VIBRANT non-muddy color. I used straight out of the tube purple 20 on my roots, Then diluted maybe a 1:1 ratio of color to conditioner to the rest of my hair that didn't have the shadow root base. 
I seriously can't get over how awesome my hair feels- Oh and the SMELL is delicious!!!!

@rinadeedoeshair - @iroirocolors 6 shampoos and a month later and my color still looks AMAZING!

@cobaltthief - Would you believe this is my REAL hair???!! @iroirocolors has such amazing hair dye!!! I'm so so I love with my #mermaidhair

@hairbykaceeb - When using new colors/products of course I have to test them on myself before using them on clients, its like tasting your food to make sure its not poisoned 😉😂 the verdict so far? I am loving @iroirocolors 😍 

@hairpaintedwithlove - Tried out @iroirocolors today! They are beautiful and vegan free! 💜💜💜💜

@kittywinks - 🍑 in love with @iroirocolors 

@hairpaintedwithlove - Painting away! I am obsessed with @iroirocolors

@hollydecastri - BAM!! This color line @iroirocolors knocked it out of the park!!!! I was so fortunate to be able to work with @iroirocolors and I will continue to do so!!!!!! 💙💜💙 vegan color line that smells like a dream!!! @hypnotixspalon @iroirocolors it is absolutely amazing!!! It is so incredibly vibrant!!! Her hair feels like silk and smells incredible!!!! Thank you thank you!!!!

@beautylifebybre - First and foremost, thank you @iroirocolors for sending me these BEAUTIFUL colors. Second, they are so pigmented. I can not wait to use every color!!! I used purple -diluted today & got the most beautiful lavender tone on the lighter pieces of my hair, and got a more vibrant purple on the other pieces. I am in love 😍 #iroirocolors

@fuckinghair by me!! @asilsmsk - I swear there is no filter or anything , just daylight 🙌🏻 @iroirocolors !! Thanks for these amazing colors 💜💙 Video coming soon!!

@lysseon - If I do fresh color, and I don't selfie, do I actually have fresh color? This is the longest my hair has been in years. 
I used @iroirocolors blue as my base color and hot damn, it is so pretty. It's definitely moved its way into my arsenal!

@hairbyvanessanunez - @iroirocolors in red . super vibrant just how I like it!

@miranda6toes - Cherry Bomb! 🍒💥
Featuring the lovely @iroirocolors orange and pink!!! This is after 3 washes I think, I really love the vibrancy of it all 💙

@cupcakejizz94 - I haven't been able to take good pictures with my new hair. Due to me being in the ER this weekend for having inflammation around my heart and that leading me to not feeling well these past couple days. But I would like to say thanks again to @iroirocolors. I can't get over how bright these colors are! It's amazing. I've experienced a lot of different brands of dyes and this is definitely my favorite by far. Be sure to go check them out. 💕

@hairpaintedwithlove - Yes these colors are really this bright!!!🌈🌈🌈🌈 @iroirocolors

@elevatedfibers - Who is excited?! I just received 5 new colors from @iroirocolors And I am in love, yet again. This is a wonderful semi-permanent brand, with an eco friendly, vegan, cruelty free stance on expressing yourself as how you want to be seen. No PPD, No Alcohols, plant based-coconut oil based to give hair an extra boost of moisture and shine. Such longer lasting colors, I can't even stand that some of these are leaving me, but excited to see the creations they make with them :).

@hairpaintedwithlove - I just wanted to give a giant shoutout to @iroirocolors these are some of my favorites! But the entire line is gorgeous! When you order the color you get it in like two days!! It's definitely the best vivid hair color I have tried. It's also vegan free, super conditioning and super bright! Also long lasting! Come in for some fun color and get to try it out yourself! Xoxoxo @iroirocolors 

@hair_princess_steph - Thank you @tmarie_hair for my new, longer hairs! And @blondiesaurusrex for your help with the color! The color used was @iroirocolors teal and I have to say, it quickly shot to the top of my favorites list!!

@rianimal_ - 🐋🌊🐟❄️💨 New hair! I've actually had this for a couple weeks and I looooove this color. I used @iroirocolors Light Blue & Clear to give me this lovely ice blue ❄️ Their colors are incredible- natural, cruelty free, and they smell great! I also really love their packaging- go check out their page 🙌 

@deathbycouture - 🌈🐬Neon Mermaid🌈🐬
What showed up yesterday? Samples from @iroirocolors! So I figured we would put them through their first paces on the pickiest of clients- me! My stylist and best friend @scissorfingers12 can attest to that, she has to deal with me every time it's time to do my hair again 😂 but seriously, these colors are so easy to work with. And... Well... Just look at the result!!! 😍

@hairpaintedwithlove - I love these colors, so vibrant! 😍😍 @iroirocolors

@allydestouttt - 💜💗💙Did something a little out of the box today 💜💗💙 using new @iroirocolors and I am extremely pleased with their product!!!

@heyyitskira - Amber loving her @iroirocolors red hair! Beautiful and vibrant tones before your eyes!

@_melindaamarquezzzz - Well its been couple weeks since I have had greenish blueish hair but more green which that is fine :) i used @iroirocolors irolightblue and my hair is still bright only faded a little bit which I'm pretty much happy bout :) I've only washed my hair 3 to 4 times and the color still locked in and barely even bled :) but will be switching to a different color soon :) #iroirohaircolor 100% vegan no peroxide no PPD no ammonia no alcohol and also have everyone's life saver COCONUT OIL as extra conditioner so that's a plus AND NOT TESTED ON ANIMALS EITHER & smells very delicious 💜💜

@livforcolor - done !!! Look at how gorgeous these colors are 🌈

@senpairosie - This turquoise is gorgeous I'm crying

@little.polita - So, I decided to dye my new extensions and I used @iroirocolors in their 70 Pink shade dilluted in conditioner and this is what I got! It turned out to be a pretty pinky almost salmon tone! The color is suuuper pigmented and was easy to work with! I can't wait to see what the purple looks like~ 😻🌸💕

@elevatedfibers - Iroiro colors does it again. I'm forever amazed with this brand!

@hair_or_dye_salon - @jordenearle_ tried out some @iroirocolors today! Love how this turned out 💜🐬

@calebbenoitt - Look at how amazing my clients hair came out with @iroirocolors these dyes are so amazing , smell great and the color pay off is just unbelievable!! So obsessed!!! 💕💕💕

@calebbenoitt - It's so beautiful I can't right now !! 😭😭😭💕💕💕❤️💛💚💙💜 @iroirocolors

@renlindsey - im about to dye my hair with @iroirocolors and im SO EXCITED!! this is the best dye ever its so natural and smells amazing.

@renlindsey - 💕 new hair 💕 
shade #pink from @iroirocolors , ive never used a dye ive liked so much. its so natural and i dont feel guilty putting it in my hair at all. it has coconut oil so (in my experience) it repairs the damage it does AND the damage the lightener that i use does to my hair. my extensions are being lightened right now so ill be sure to dye them pink too soon, bit thank you to @iroirocolors 💕🏵💇💗🦄🎀🌺

@stephhstyles - First time using @iroirocolors colors and I quickly discovered what all the fuss is about. These apply like a dream, a little goes a long way, the saturation is incredible, the results speak for themselves. Can't wait to play more.

@exoticcandyfloss - AH! New hair colour, such a lovely pink by @iroirocolors. The dye smelled like a unicorns wonderland 🌈

@emberxtelle - I'm completely in love with emerald green from @iroirocolors 😍😍

@snazzledazzlejayy - My sister was in the salon so of course I got to play with some fun colors! I tried out @iroirocolors product and it's amazing and so vivid!

@by_linds - Ok so let's talk about this color for a second. I had the privilege of using this new color by @iroirocolors and I can't say enough good things about! The consistency is great and it smells good!! And washing out, the color barely ran!! I used pink a little purple and their diluter!

@xxtoxic_waste_landxx - omg im literally in love with my hair tbh. 
i used @iroirocolors emrald green and diluted it and it turned out wonderful 💕✨

@exoticcandyfloss - Dyed my sister's hair with @iroirocolors 'Iro purple' and 'iro blue'. No bleach used but still a great result. The hair feels 10 times smoother than before. 👌🏻👌🏻 Love this dye. It's the best hair dye I've ever used.

@dyenoble - #wow ! I am #blownaway by #iroirocolors ! I don't think I'll ever carry another #colorline ! 

@dyenoble - Today I tried #iroiro #haircolor for the first time and I can honestly say - I DON'T THINK I WILL EVER USE ANOTHER COLOR LINE! these guys #knockedmysocksoff ! From the #delicious smell to the super #pigmentation I am #inlove ! 

@rororochelle - This color was done using @iroirocolors Plum and Clear over a level 9 Balyage!! @iroirocolors SMELL LIKE CANDY and are COCONUT OIL based!! The saturation on these colors is fantastic! They move thru the hair very smoothly and the colors are the brightest I've seen!

@misheledimariadesigns - Loving these pops of purple and blonde!!! 💜👍💜 thank you @iroirocolors for making an AWESOME purple to create with!!! LOVE love LOVE!!!

@pravanamama - my hair after using different shades of emerald green by @iroirocolors diluted with conditioner !!! I love this color! and impressed with the product !!!

@shear_envytupelo - I finally was able to do and an under light using @iroirocolors @iroirocolors the colors are veryyyyy pigmented and what you see in the bowl is what you get!! It has a great consistency and blends well!!!! 

@megalooo213 - @iroirocolors make the world go round! Loved the consistency and vibrancy of these shades! I used the emerald and Violet and the clear to dilute to the perfect shade.

@_hairbyyaya - Thank you @iroirocolors! I finally got to use them. I love everything about them. Great consistency! Easy to get everything out. Smells great and super pigmented 😍 can't wait to try more out! 😍😍

@erica_elle_hair - We decided to let her curls air dry but we achieved this beautiful vivid violet with @iroirocolors ! The consistency of this color is so dreamy and easy to spread!

@hairbylindsayracca - Before and after on this new color client!! 7 months ago her and her friend had some drinks and colored her hair. 😆 Today she came in so I could make her into a beautiful unicorn mermaid before her birthday!! 💙💚💜 For the bright teal I used @iroirocolors am I'm amazed by their color!! The consistency was extremely smooth and I could saturate more hair with less product. 🙌🏻 Even better it's 100% natural no chemicals and smells like candy! 😍

@lisadoeshair - Tried @iroirocolors colors for the first time and I'm in LOVE!! check out the video for vibrancy!!

@xxtoxic_waste_landxx - @iroirocolors is honestly the best dye ive ever used it is so amazing and smells wonderful c:

@alix_maya - No filter, NO tweak no nothing I never do anyway but I just wanted to reiterated that real quick like... @iroirocolors I don't know what kind of MAGIC you've got in those COLOURS of yours but I'm a fan!! Thank YOU FOR creating such an AWESOME product it's truly amazing!

@alix_maya - Seriously if you haven't tried @iroirocolors do yourself a huge favor and order SOME now!!! I do not work for them, I'm not paid to say this, this is coming as a colorist that has used many lines and as an ARTIST .... THIS line is legit!!! It mixes extremely well, it smells amazing, and feels like silk going on and AFTER!!! Brilliant go get your hands on it NOW!!!

@garrettkenroach - @divinehairbymorgan and I finally got our hands on @iroirocolors today!! 🎉 I've been waiting for an opportunity to try these colors out. I used their purple on my client after pre-toning to a blue based silver. The color was SO violet in person but completely indigo under my light ring and with flash. The color smells PHENOMENAL has amazing consistency and the packaging is seriously perfect. A++++. 🙌🏻💙💜 

@milkybluetea - Omg another post talking about hair ,
I used @iroirocolors in 110 red and because its made of coconut oil, it doesn't cause damage, it's vegan and the packaging is environmentally friendly , the colour is very pigmented and vibrant too ★

@sarai_styles__ - You don't have to have long hair to be a mermaid! Lived in texture makes this electric pixie one of my favorites! Really loving the new @iroirocolors!

@taylorrae_hair - 🍬💙 Monday Morning Blues 💙🍬
I used all @iroirocolors colors for this creation. The pigment is vibrant and they smell amazing!!

@tiadaniellestylist - 15 days after and still looking vibrant, even on such a gloomy day! Very impressed with the longevity of iroiros products!

@nellieduclos - Refreshed my boo @kaylee____rae using @iroirocolors for the first time & I'm in love😻😻 with the results !!

@sarai_styles__ - This little dude requested a "sunset melt". I used all @iroirocolors and I am over the moon happy with how vibrant they turned out!! I didn't edit a thing on this picture...they're that bright! I am slightly obsessed with this color line!!

@locks_by_ness - I am in LOVE with @iroirocolors they are amazing!!! My new favorite vivids!

@justinecavehair - Okay y'all. I got my hands on some iroiro colors and then I died and went to hair color heaven 💜

@marythomaston - No pre lightening. I used @iroirocolors #pink and #yellow over her natural hair. I love these colors. AND!..... They smelled so good👍🏽

@magic_hair_wizard - @monica.a.r new sunset hair! I honestly love this girl she lets me do what ever! Well... Within reason 😂. Her hair is amazing glossy and soft thanks to the holy grail of colour @olaplex and @iroirocolors for there amazing coconut oil richness that is in there colour! So so happy with this result I want to do more every day!

@hairpaintedwithlove - Can't believe this color is over two months old!! I love the outgrowth ❤️💛💚💙💜

@kdnartistry - @iroirocolors SLAYS the direct dye game (in my opinion 🐵)
The smell, the consistency of the product and the results are on point and I honestly haven't loved a vibrant color line like this on such a long time. The best part is, they come in not only 4 oz pouches, but 8 OZ TOO! Perfect for someone that is renting and doesn't have a ton of space in their cabinet. If you don't know, well now you do!

@fairydonut - Loving this beautiful color, thanks to the lovely @iroirocolors ❤️❤️❤️ They are a vegan dye, and they use coconut oil in their dyes! Also they use these eco friendly packs for their dye🔥🔥🔥

@abigailwaldrum - No filter. @iroirocolors is bright y'all. Organic vivids on the mermaid pixie. More pics to come. 💙💚💜