Do's and Don'ts of Color Treated Hair

Everyone always feel excited when they decide to change their hair color. Hair dye is a sensational way to show off your personality but, I bet you know the amount of maintenance your color-treated hair requires. To ease out the burden, we’ve assembled this specific guide of do’s and don’ts for color-treated hair.  If you stick to them, they’ll help your dye last longer while maintaining the health of your vibrant hairs.

Must Do’s For Color Treated Hair

You can preserve the life of your new hue with proper care. Follow the do’s discussed below to keep your hair healthy while flaunting a dazzling color!

  • Do wash your tinted hair using cold or lukewarm water. Hot water will strip your hair color immediately while the cold water will keep your color last longer.
  • Do an avocado treatment. It’s an excellent source of vitamins, proteins, and fatty acids; just what your hairs need.
  • Do wash your hairs at night to prevent your scalp from getting sweaty. Use an organic spray in the morning to give a polished look to your color-treated hairs.
  • Do use a boar bristle brush instead of the plastic one. It is gentle on the tresses and helps distribute the natural oils throughout your hair which ultimately gives a shinier look to your colorful locks.

You should protect your hair from the burning rays of the sun. Prefer wearing a hat to protect your hue from fading.

Don’ts of Color Treated Hair

The do’s always come with the don’ts aye! All you beauties worried about how to get healthier dyed hair, just try to avoid or minimize the practices mentioned below.

  • Don’t use the heat styling tools too often with color-treated hair. Direct heating increases the risk of hair damage. However, if you cannot avoid it, make sure to use it at an optimum temperature or apply a heat protectant before using curling irons or hair straighteners.
  • Don’t wash your hair frequently as it can strip more natural oils from the scalp which then leads to rough hair.
  • Don’t use sulfate-rich shampoos as they contain salts which strip away the moisture from your hair. Loss of moisture is the primary cause of color fading.
  • Don’t apply color to the split ends. Trim them before dying to avoid uneven color that can ruin the look of your hair.
  • Don’t overuse hairsprays as they can strip the natural shine of your hair. Prefer using natural hair serums instead.

A word of wisdom though, these do’s and don’ts work only if you use the right color for your hair. In your pursuit of the perfect hue, you should be aware of the major ingredients in the hair colors. Most color brands contain potentially damaging chemicals like Petrol-based chemicals, PEGs, Paraben, Synthetic preservatives such as Methylisothiazolinone or Methylchloroisothiazolinone, Synthetic fragrances, Peroxide, Ammonia, PPD & Alcohol, the reason for dull colored hairs. The best way to avoid these chemicals is through natural ingredients. You can do your hair a favor by switching to natural ingredient based semi-permanent hair colors that are easy on the hair and keep them soft, strong, shiny and healthy.